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Au-Delà Des Pistes unveils their website and launches their accreditation process of retraining structures in France

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The Au-Delà Des Pistes charity has put their website on line and it can be accessed at .

This bi-lingual website, available in both French and English, outlines the key objectives of the charity, updates the public on the charity’s latest news and events, but above all unveils the directory of Au-Delà Des Pistes’ accredited retraining structures.

Owners or trainers that are looking to place a thoroughbred to be retrained, or equestrians that would like to buy a retrained racehorse for showjumping, dressage, eventing, polo, horseball or a riding horse, will be able to find an accredited structure close to them to discuss their requirements.

Two experienced structures that specialise in thoroughbred retraining, have already been referenced on the Au-Delà Des Pistes site: Ecurie Seconde Chance, pioneers of retraining in France, active since 2009, under the dynamic management of Sylvain and Amélie Martin and Ecurie DH run by Robert and Eugénie Danloux, who have retrained over 30 off the track thoroughbreds since 2016.

Aliette Forien, the President of Au-Delà Des Pistes, made the following statement on the launch of the Au-Delà Des Pistes website: “Our main objectives are to promote the retraining of racehorses, to raise awareness amongst equestrians of the versatility, adaptability and generosity of the thoroughbred and to build bridges between the racing and sport horse communities. Our website has been conceived as an informational resource as well as a vehicle to put the main people involved in the retraining process in contact with each other. This includes the supply, made up of thoroughbred trainers and owners; the demand, made up mainly of riders and equestrians and finally, the retraining structures, which brings both populations together. Retraining should be an integral part of the racing industry’s ongoing commitment towards racehorse welfare, which continues throughout their lifetime.”

The trainer and Au-Delà Des Pistes steering committee member, Nicolas Clement also commented: «When a thoroughbred needs to retire from their racing career, this is a difficult moment for an owner. As a trainer, we need to be able to propose a quick and transparent solution to our owners in order to minimise costs whilst also providing a transparent and safe solution for the horse. We also have a moral obligation to the horse, given they are under our care during their racing career, to ensure they are provided with the appropriate welfare required for their future lives. Today we just about manage to find solutions, but we have an urgent need to establish a veritable network of competent and reliable rehoming structures. This is what Au Delà Des Pistes has started through their accreditation process on their website and the majority of horse racing professionals will benefit from this directory.


Accreditation: how does it work?

Firstly the Au-Delà Des Pistes team visits the site requesting accreditation, which can be a charity, a business or even a riding school etc. The structure must then sign an agreement established with Au-Delà Des Pistes, which engages the structure to ensure that each horse under its supervision has the appropriate feed, care and exercise. The structure also agrees to communicate positively the actions undertaken by the horse racing industry to ensure thoroughbreds are retrained and looked after appropriately. The horse racing industry is often the object of negative criticism concerning the treatment of racehorses after their racing careers and this criticism can be diffused by transparency and greater communication.

Finally each structure must supply three signed recommendations from an owner or trainer from the horse racing industry that has put a thoroughbred in the structure’s care, a rider that has bought or adopted a retrained racehorse from the structure and a veterinarian that follows the structure’s horses.

Au-Delà Des Pistes will monitor the accredited structures on a regular basis.

To download the accreditation paperwork, please click here: