How France Galop elections work

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The electronic voting for the elections of France Galop members’ representatives at the France Galop national Board and in the Regional Committees begins Monday, November 4 at 9 am French time. The poll closes on Friday, November 15 at noon. For the first time, all 9,248 members of France Galop, whether owners, breeders, trainers or jockeys will vote through the Internet. They should have received this week their username and password by post. Only one mail was sent to each voter, even if he or she belongs to several colleges, such as breeder and owner. Similarly, the same codes will be used to vote at both the national and regional level.

This is an A4 letter with a reminder of how the vote works, the link needed for the ballot, the recipient’s username and password, and how to retrieve any missing information. The website address for the vote is Members can also access the voting pages through our two France Galop websites (public and intranet) with their computer (unavailable on smartphones and pads) by using the link published for this purpose from Monday at 9 am.

On the back of the letter sent to voters is detailed a reminder of the main stages of the vote and the fact that French-based members must vote for both their national and their regional representatives (those based abroad, however, only vote for the France Galop board).

Voters have eleven days to vote from Monday. A hotline will remain open for France Galop to answer their questions for the duration of the suffrage.

More information is available in the special elections section of our public website:

And above all, vote!