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Alexis Renault ©Houdart

In view to the continuing reorganisation of the company and looking ahead to the forthcoming retirement of Sales Director Bernard Salvat, ARQANA has recently recruited Alexis Renault to ultimately take over from him.

With a degree from ENESAD (Agriculture Engineering), Alexis had been an integral part of the technical team at the Cheval Français (harness racing authority) since 2009. Firstly as Project Manager, and then as Deputy Director of Operations beside Guillaume Maupas.

In this role, his responsibilities included being in charge of race meeting logistics, overseeing of regulations, Stewards training, and being involved in strategical projects such as Le Trot 2023. Before this experience, he worked as Project Manager at the Horse Council in Normandy.

Until the end of 2016, Alexis Renault will work closely together and follow Bernard Salvat in his roles relating to the technical organisation and sales logistics of ARQANA (compilation of catalogues, facility management, horse logistics and paperwork) before taking this on fully in 2017. He will also interact with his international counterparts with regards to sanitary regulations, conditions of sales etc.

Eric Hoyeau commented on this appointment, “Bernard Salvat holds a key place in ARQANA’s organisation, and that is why we wanted to organise ourselves before his retirement. Alexis has all the attributes to eventually take over this role with his skills in technical organisation and sales logistics, and I’m delighted to welcome him into the heart of the company. We are always looking for dynamic people who perform at the highest level to continue our capacity to innovate.”

Alexis Renault said, “After enjoying some great years at the Cheval Français that allowed me to accumulate considerable expertise in the technical and logistical areas of racing, I’m delighted to be given this opportunity to join the ARQANA team. It is a very dynamic company and a leader on its market. This new mission represents an exciting challenge in an industry that I hold very dear.”

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