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ARQANA introduces vet file repository

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Repository to become available from Summer Sale onwards

With the aim to constantly improve buyers’ and vendors’ working conditions at its sales, ARQANA has taken the significant step towards the introduction of a vet file repository. This service will provide veterinary surgeons mandated by buyers with an easy, centralised access to all veterinary documents (X-rays, scope videos etc.) available for horses offered at a particular sale.

Transparency and efficiency

The secured platform relies on the Keystone software, developed by American company Asteris and already in use at sales in America, Australia and New Zealand. The process is as follows:

  • File upload: vet files can be easily uploaded prior to the sale, either over the Internet from the veterinary clinics where they have been produced or locally by appointment at ARQANA.


  • File consultation:
  • Files only become available for viewing after the horses catalogued for the sale have arrived on the premises.
  • In order to gain access to them, veterinary surgeons who have been mandated by buyers must register online and provide the identity of the person they are acting on behalf of.
  • Images stored on the repository cannot be transferred and strict confidentiality rules apply. ARQANA reserves the right to decline access to the repository.
  • For yearling sales, vet files can only be accessed from the ARQANA sales premises, where a dedicated room has been installed. Remote online consultation will be made available for horses in training sales.
  • Notifications to vendors: every time a vet file is viewed, the horse’s vendor receives an email alert indicating the name of the vet and the buyer by whom he/she has been mandated.

Detailed instructions for vet files uploading and viewing can be found on:

Benefits for vendors and buyers alike

As Ludovic Cornuel, in charge of technological innovation within the ARQANA bloodstock team, explains: “To this day, veterinary documents at ARQANA could be presented in all sorts of formats: USB keys, DVDs or even as paper copies in some cases. Such lack of uniformity makes veterinary work more complicated and is generally not helpful for a sale.

A centralised platform will standardise the format of the veterinary files and streamline consultation. It will also simplify all the logistics of making files available from a vendor’s point of view, and in certain cases enable them to save on staff, stables, and will very often cut out the stress linked to this logistic.

Thanks to the speed with which files can be consulted, this device might encourage ‘opportunistic’ purchases made at the last minute, for instance from a buyer who might notice an attractive horse in the back ring. Private sales will also become more straightforward as the files of horses which have been bought back will remain available for viewing until a private sale is made or until the end of the sale.

Finally, this software also guarantees vendors some detailed feedback: for each consultation via the repository, the vendor receives an email alert mentioned the name of the vet, the time of consultation, its duration and the name of the buyer on behalf of whom the vet is acting. Each vendor can also look up the history of his/her draft’s consultations at any time.

We carried out consultations with vendors and buyers prior to the introduction of this service and trust that the service we have developed with Asteris will meet their requirements. Ultimately, this new service will act as a time saver and an efficiency boost, which are key elements in today’s world.”


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