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A secure, user-friendly platform to sell high profile horses



Always on the lookout for innovations aimed at enhancing the quality of its service to buyers and vendors, ARQANA is launching, an online bidding platform offering the same guarantees as the ‘physical’ sales held by the sales agency in Deauville and Saint-Cloud.


This user-friendly website is accessible from any PC, laptop or tablet, according to the following principles.


  1. 1.      One sale = one horse


No pre-established sales calendar or catalogue. is conceived as the perfect tool to sell a particular horse at a particular moment. It can prove appropriate for several categories, from horses in training to broodmares, stallions or stallion shares. offers the possibility to place a horse or horse share on the market, without having to wait for the next sale, and with a particularly international reach due to the online format.


  1. 2.      Tailor-made and reactive


The specificities of the internet allow for a great reactivity in the sales organisation. Once the vendor and ARQANA have agreed on the principle, a sale may be announced on within 48 hours. From then on, ARQANA implements a communication plan adapted to the horse’s profile, using print & digital media as well as its global network of contacts. A sale on typically takes place over 48 hours, in order to give potential purchasers from around the world the possibility to take part.


  1. 3.      Inspection and vet file provides a large range of information for each horse offered for sale, including photos, videos, extended pedigree, but the whole procedure is far from dematerialised.  For a period of seven days before the sale, the horse is available for inspection on the premises where it is kept (racing stable, stud farm), along with its veterinary file which may also be accessed by registered professionals via an online ‘vet box’.


  1. 4.      A simple and secure bidding procedure


Self-explanatory and user-friendly, the bidding platform is only accessible by people who have previously registered with ARQANA for the sale in question. A personal, single use access code is delivered by ARQANA and allows them to bid securely and anonymously.

As soon as a potential buyer has placed a bid, he/she is informed of all overbids in real time, by email and text message. The website guarantees that all bidders are given a minimum of 20 minutes to bid – therefore, in the case when a bid is placed 5 minutes before the end of the sale, the closing time is pushed back by 15 minutes for all bidders.


  1. 5.      The same guarantees as in physical sales


Conditions of sales and guarantees offered by ARQANA to vendors and buyers are the same on as for traditional ‘physical’ sales. The payment guarantee applies to vendors, while buyers are protected against stable vices if they were not announced before the sale, as well as latent defects.


ARQANA President Eric Hoyeau commented on the launch of this new service: “ is a rather natural extension of our core business, as it preserves the traditional rules of auction sales while taking advantage of the web’s potentialities. It is not the first online auction service in the industry but the ‘one horse = one sale’ principle is new and was inspired to us by the success of the Wild Card system, which has highlighted the importance of timing for certain profiles – horses in training but also broodmares, etc. From a vendor’s point of view, this innovative tool has two major advantages: being able to choose the most appropriate moment to sell a horse, and to take advantage of the maximum exposure offered by the combination of an online tool with ARQANA’s powerful communication network. As regards buyers, will provide them with additional opportunities of which they may not have been aware. And if they are not able to travel to France within the inspection period, they can call upon a local professional to carry out the due diligence on their behalf, while the vet file can be accessed online.”





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