1.1. How do I register my colours in France?

To become an owner in France you must first have the agreement of the Stewards of France Galop.
You may also request the necessary forms from Anne Delhom by e-mail, news@frbc.net. Fill in and return the forms so that the stewards can examine the file. A payment of € 2 324 (or equivalent of) must be made either in the currency of your country or by bank transfer in Euros. This amount comprises €167,44 administration fee, € 83.72 to register the colours, and a deposit of € 2070 which will be returned to you if your application is unsuccessful. It is also at this time that you must choose your colours.

Upon acceptance of your application you will receive your owner’s card which admits you onto any racecourse (reserved areas). France Galop will open an owner’s account through which you can execute all of your racing and breeding operations in France.

N.B. The amounts indicated above only concern non-residents in France.
For all other information concerning owners and ownership you can contact Isabelle Sépulchre emails : isepulchre@france-galop.com

1.2. Where can I find French race dates?

You can consult our Diary section or alternatively visit the site of France Galop and go to the section Horse Racing Professionals/Race by date and by racecourses.
Links :
France Galop


1.3. How can I purchase badges for racing?

To purchase entry tickets to the races, these are only available at the gate of the racecourse. However if you would like to purchase tickets to the reserved seating areas in the grandstand (only for Longchamp and Deauville) you may reserve them in advance by fax to Mr. P. Le Griel on +33 1 49 10 21 76. Tickets may then be collected upon arrival at the racecourse.

1.4. I would like my horse to run and be trained in France. Who should I contact to find a trainer?

You should contact the French Trainers’ Associations which will provide you with a list of trainers.

Three associations in France:

Association des Entraineurs de Galop : 0033 3 44 57 25 39 – entraineurs.de.galop@wanadoo.fr
Association des Entraineurs propriétaires : 0033 9 52 24 07 70 – contact@aepgalop.com
Les entraineurs de France : 0033 5 59 32 44 58 – ecurie.rohaut@wanadoo.fr

You can also find French trainers statistics on France Galop website: http://www9.france-galop.com/fgweb/domaines/courses/courses_calendrier.aspx

1.5. I need to find information on racecourses in France. Where can I find this?

Go to the racing section of our website and click on RACECOURSES or you can visit the France Galop website and click on HIPPODROMES. This service will provide you with a number of options.


1.6. My horse is not trained in France. How can I enter my horse in a French race?

The entry must be sent by fax to the Racing Department (Service Technique) of France Galop on +33 1 49 10 21 24. It can also be made on Internet by the trainer of the horse.
If this horse is being entered in a French race for the first time, France Galop must receive the following details at least eight (8) days prior to final deadline:
• all horse details (name, sex, age, colour, pedigree – sire, dam, damsire, suffix of country of birth)
• name of the race, date and racecourse in which you would like to enter your horse
• complete race history of the horse
• name and address of the owner, description of the racing silks
• name and address of the trainer and a certificate from the relevant Jockey Club or Racing Authority stipulating that the trainer holds a licence and is not suspended

The entry fee must be paid at the time of entry by a transfer to the following bank:

Société Générale
Paris Rive-Gauche Entreprises
Bp 117
Paris Cedex 15
Account Holder: France Galop
Bic: Sogefrpp – Iban: Fr76 30003 03764 00050 1000 16 37

Once the declaration to run has been made the Racing Department of France Galop must be notified of the name of the jockey, his date of birth, address, number of winners, and a certificate stipulating that the jockey is in possession of a licence and is not suspended, together with his medical records.

N.B. The person who entered the horse is the only person authorised to declare forfeit. This applies similarly to the declaration to run.
Links : France Galop

1.7. Who publishes the racehorse ratings and where can I find a copy?

France Galop publishes annually the ratings for all horses that have raced in France. You can also find up-to-date ratings in their database.
N.B. These ratings are published in kg – to convert them into lbs, multiply by 2.205.
The French Breeders’ Association (Syndicat des Eleveurs) publishes a yearly study (L’Etude des Etalons) of the handicap rating of a stallion’s produce; this is published at the end of January and is a very useful stallion guide.
Links :
Syndicat des Eleveurs
France Galop

1.8. I would like my horse to run in France this year. My horse is trained outside France. Who should I contact?

If your horse is to stay and compete in several races in France, and continue to be trained by his usual trainer, a request must be made to the Stewards of France Galop (Contact Mrs Armelle Nadeau-Russell). To stay more than eight (8) days in France, your horse must be in the care of the trainer or a person who has a licence to train in France and who has a mandate from you, the owner. The place where the horse is stabled and the name of the person who will take care of the horse must be provided to France Galop as soon as they arrive in France. After one month the horse must be re-exported or placed, for your account, permanently with an active trainer in France. In exceptional circumstances the Stewards of France Galop can authorise a horse to stay more than one month provided that the training is carried out personally by his trainer. This must be requested directly.

To find out how to enter a horse in France consult the question: My horse is not trained in France. How can I enter my horse in a French race?
Contact Mrs Armelle Nadeau-Russell by fax on +33 1 49 10 21 46 anadeaurussell@france-galop.com.
Links : France Galop

1.9. My horse is entered to race in France and I need to find a jockey. Who do I need to contact?

You should make contact with the Jockey’s Association who will provide you with a list of licensed jockeys in France.

Association des Jockeys de Galop
43, avenue Saint-Germain
Ph: +33 Fax : +33
email : ass.jockeys@noos.fr

1.10. How do I find a trainer in France?

It depend what area you wish to race. If you only need trainer details, we will be happy to assist you.

1.11. What is the procedure for claiming a horse? How can I receive the claim form? How do I find the minimum claiming price? How do I organise the payment? What are the conditions concerning transport after the horse has been claimed?

A horse can be claimed after having run in a minimum-priced claimer or a mixed-price claimer (a claiming race where some or all of the runners are available to be claimed at pre-determined sums). These sums are printed in the race card and the newspaper. Those wishing to buy must make an offer through the claiming form; this offer must be at least equal to the indicated claim price. The horse is awarded to the person who made the highest offer. In the case of a tie, there will be a « lottery ». Only the claim forms provided by the organisers may be used. They are available throughout the day (in the weighing room) and these forms are only valid for this day. The elements required on the claim form are: name and signature of the person making the claim, name of the buyer (if it is not the person making the claim), name of the horse and sum offered. The claim forms must be placed in the appropriate box before the time fixed for its collection (normally 15 minutes after the race). The payment must be made in Euros and is payable to France Galop either by cheque or by bank transfer. If you cannot make a payment in Euros you may charge someone to do this for you, either a trainer or a bloodstock agent. The claimed horse is then delivered directly to the buyer accompanied by its passport.


2.1. Where can I find information on French-based stallions?

The French based stallions are listed on the French Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association on the following link www.syndicatdeseleveurs.fr/VEN/etalons-catalogue.asp.

For each stallion, there is a regularly updated file with links to France Galop which provides up to date information on form and production. A link is provided to the stallion’s station website if there is one. Finally, use the interactive search that is offered, based on all the different criteria like origins, form, size, coat, etc…

2.2. Can I register my foal in the French Stud Book?

Only foal born in France can be included in the French Stud Book. Foals are automatically registered in the stud book of the country in which they are born. A horse can only change stud book when they are imported for purposes of reproduction (broodmares and stallions). If your foal is born in France it will be included in the stud book if it fills the following requirements:
° It is by a sire who is accredited
° Its birth has been declared to the National Stud within 15 days of its birth
° Had its markings recorded by an agent of the National Stud prior to weaning and before 31st December of the year of its birth
° Undergone a filiation test

Sylvie Mazier
Chef du Service Livret
France Galop
46, Place Abel Gance
92 655 Boulogne-Billancourt


2.3. I would like to set myself up as a breeder in France. Who should I contact to find a stud farm?

We can help you with your search or if you prefer, put you in contact with the relevant professionals. Describe the kind of farm you are looking for and send us the details.
Send us an e-mail at info@frbc.net

2.4. I am looking for a pedigree. Where will I find this information?

The data base of France Galop holds this kind of information, visit http://www9.france-galop.com/fgweb/fgdefault.aspx
If your search concerns a stallion based in France the site of the French Breeders’ Association will cover your needs.
Links : Syndicat des Eleveurs

2.5. I am a breeder and would like to visit some studs in France. Can you help me?

We can put you in contact with any number of studs and are more than willing to help you with your itinerary.
Contact us at the address below.

2.6. How can I purchase a stallion book?

The Stallion Book is edited and printed by the French Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association and they can be contacted at info@syndicatdeseleveurs.org or visit their website below.
Links : Syndicat des Eleveurs

2.7. How and with which association do I register my mare in France? How do I receive the necessary forms?

Your mare will automatically be registered in France if she is born in France or imported into France. In order that a horse imported into France who is already registered in a foreign thoroughbred stud book, the owner must apply for registration to the National Stud with the following documents :

• the horse’s passport including the markings which have been validated by the relevant official authority
• markings card of the horse which has been completed in France by a qualified person
• declaration of ownership
• a cheque corresponding to the cost of registration There is no form to fill out prior to this step. If the mare does not comply to the cases mentioned above then she may not be registered in the French stud book.


Links :
Sylvie Mazier
Chef du Service Livret
France Galop
46, Place Abel Gance
92 655 Boulogne-Billancourt

Tel.+ 33 1 49 10 21 70
Fax.+ 33 1 49 10 20 66


3.1. How do I find a bloodstock agent?

You will find in our website the list of French Bloodstock agents in section “Buying in France”.

3.2. How can I receive the next sales' catalogue?

Below is the links of the main auction house France: ARQANA. Links: www.arqana.com

3.3. I would like to buy a yearling. Who do I need to contact?

You can consult the Sales section where you will be able to visit the web sites of the sale company for the sales calendar and bloodstock agents list.

3.4. Where can I find information on hotels and transport in Paris and around France?

You can consult our section “Getting to France” or contact us directly and we will organise you a tailor-made tour. Either proceed to the section « Contact us » or send us a message on news@frbc.net.


4.1. I am looking for a company to insure my horse. Can you put me in contact with the right people?


Email : contact@lecentaure.com
Phone : +33 2 31 65 68 00
Fax : +33 2 31 65 68 01
GSM : +33 6 09 12 28 45
URL : www.lecentaure.com
Contact : M German Christophe

2, rue Ancelle
92200 Neuilly/Seine
Email : hipcover@grassavoye.com
Phone : +33 1 41 43 55 90
Fax : +33 1 41 43 55 91

37, avenue du Général Leclerc
60500 Chantilly – FRANCE

Tel : +33 (0) 9 63 65 37 50

Fax : +33 (0) 3 44 69 34 61

Mail : contact@pegase-insurance.com

Mob : +33 (0) 6 64 50 98 47 (Géraldine Richshoffer)

4.2. Who runs flat and jump racing in France?

Flat and Jump racing is governed by France Galop, which comes under the authority of the French ministries of Agriculture, Finance and Interior. Its main roles are to encourage the improvement of the racehorse, promote training and to determine prize monies and premiums, and to ensure the correct functioning of French race track betting services. France Galop therefore organises racing makes available training facilities, writes the rules of racing and ensures their correct application. It also establishes the racing programmes and their calendar. It provides the requisite authorisation needed to race, train or ride a racehorse. France Galop manages 6 racecourses (between Paris and Deauville) as well as three training centres (Chantilly, Maisons-Laffitte and Deauville).

4.3. I am looking for a job in the racing industry. Who should I contact ?

As a first step, we would recommend you to connect on www.equiressources.com which is a very up-to-date job and internship portal related to the horse industry. It should help you find what’s available on the market.
Equiressources :
Contact: Gaëtan Mahon:
Haras national du Pin – 61310 Le Pin au Haras – tel : 02 33 39 58 57 info@equiressources.fr